7 Reasons Why Metal Prints Are a Great Choice of Print Media

Published 29 July 2021

Since metal printing technology became available on a general consumer level, its popularity has grown in leaps and bounds. Here at Metal Prints Australia, we find that it can be difficult to convey just how good HD quality printed aluminium can look. But when our customers get their hands on our products in person, they are quite often blown away by the quality.

The material you decide to use for your display prints and photos, of course, comes down to personal preference. Below are seven solid reasons why you should consider choosing infused metal printing next time you need to display some artwork or high quality photography around the home, office or gallery space.

1. The Detail

You would be hard pressed to find a print media that retains the amount of detail possible with infused aluminium. Every tiny brush or pencil stroke of your artwork, and every minuscule detail of your photograph can be captured in a metal print. With a source image of sufficient quality and resolution, prints of incredible detail can be created.

A highly detailed metal print that captures daily life in Sydney Harbour.

2. So Much Colour!

There is one area in which metal prints have a very clear-cut advantage; colour vibrancy. The infusion process which is used to create metal prints allows a range of colour vibrancy that just isn't possible in more traditional print media. Darker colours retain a true, rich consistency, where as brighter, more colourful areas pop with impressive luminosity. HD Metal printing is also one of the best mediums when it comes to interpreting a colour calibrated digital display, and translating the pallet of a digital artwork or photo file to a physical print. When it comes to colour and metal printing the main takeaway should be this; metal prints can maintain colour and luminosity that just isn't possible with traditional paper and canvas based printing.

Colourful vibrant metal print close up
The colour range possible with metal printing can be very impressive.

3. Easy to Clean

Since HD printed metal photos and posters use an ink infusion process (as opposed to to a more typical adhesive print application which could be torn or damaged) it means that they are very easy to wipe clean, with no risk of marking or discolouring the surface of the print. All you need is a clean cloth (we recommend a microfibre cloth) and some household window cleaning solution. Infused metal prints are corrosion resistant, so typical window cleaning products will work well and leave your prints looking spotless.

4. Metal Prints Are Built to Last

The aluminium products we use for our metal printing process are designed to last. They are UV resistant, so they won't fade. Colours and vibrancy will remain for years to come. We even stock specially designed outdoor metal print panels, which can stand up to outdoor conditions and direct sunlight, so metal prints are no longer only limited to indoor use. Metal printed products are also scratch and mark resistant. The graphics on our panels are infused directly into the substrate of the aluminium panel via a special combination of specific heat and pressure conditions. So what does that actually mean? In basic terms the printing and application process makes your image a part of the aluminium via a gas transfer, becoming very difficult to scratch off or stain in any way. Metal prints are also much less likely to break if dropped or knocked off the wall than regular framed prints. If you have an important piece of artwork or a special photo, there is no better way to preserve it for prosperity than HD metal printing.

5. Lightweight & Easy to Hang

Metal prints are a great choice for displaying photos and artwork around the home or office, not only because they look amazing (which they do) but because they are also lightweight and easy to display. A metal print is typically going to be much lighter than a framed print with a glass face plate. There is no need to protect a metal print with glass at all. Our versatile display options make mounting prints on a wall an absolute breeze. Smaller prints can be fitted with tab mounts or an easel stand. For sizes larger than an A3, we recommend a shadow frame mount (pictured below). These frames are custom fit to your print panel size, and increased the overall rigidity of the panel. A shadow frame mounted print is also supplied with a mounting crossbar and screw set. Just fix this bar to your wall, ensuring that you have it nice and straight, and the shadow frame on the back of your print will just slot directly into it. No more crooked pictures on your wall - shadow frame mounted prints will always sit perfectly straight. Shadow frame mounted prints and posters sit approximately 20mm off your wall, creating a nice looking, frameless shadow effect, hence the name!

Metal print mounting options frame and easel
A shadow frame shadow mount system (left) and an easel stand (right).

6. Size (and Shape) Matters

A great aspect of metal printed wall graphics is their versatility when it comes to size. You are not limited to standard frame sizes. Metal prints can be custom cut to virtually any size or shape. Do you have a very specific size in mind for a print but can't find it on our store? Just head over to our custom print size page and send us some details. You're also not limited to basic square and rectangular panel shapes either. HD Metal Prints Australia has an in house CNC computer controlled metal router, so we can work with you to create any custom shape you may require.

7. Transformative Finishes

Sometimes you may need to give your wall art or display piece a little something extra, something to really give it that 'wow' factor. If you're looking for something to really set a print apart then a premium finish is your best bet. We have a variety of finishes that can transform the look and feel of your finished prints. Some of these are highly textured, such as our 'Cracked Clay' finish, which gives the panel a physical 'dry earth' type of texture. Our 'Frosty Touch' finish give a different textured appearance, akin to frost covered glass. Lastly we have the 'silver' premium finish. This one is not a physical texture, but gives your artwork a silver sheen. Premium finishes are a really great way to transform the feel of your prints.

Cracked clay and frosty touch metal print finishes
Cracked Clay (left) and Frosty Touch (right) premium finishes.


Metal prints are the cutting edge of wall art and printed display products. They look amazing, they last a lifetime and they can be utilised with virtually any high resolution artwork of photograph.

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