HD Metal Prints Australia
Our Guarantee

Metal Prints Australia want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their order.  We know our product is amazing so if you an not happy with your final product we will replace or refund your item/s NO questions asked!

Please contact us on info@metalprintsaustralia.com.au to arrange your replacement or refund, also provide photo’s and a description of why you are not happy with your product. We may ask you to return your unsatisfactory item/s to Metal Prints Australia.

The other side of the coin……

Although we guarantee we will replace your item if you are not 100% satisfied there are some key points to consider that will not apply.

Colour is one on the key factors. All computer screens, phone screens, tablets and other devices show a variation in colour, due to surrounding light, quality and age of your device etc...  This being said please be assured we have printed your file exactly as you gave it to us. The colour may vary due to the factors listed above.

Our software is photographic specific and is set up along with our printers for colour quality. To put it simply the printed colours are true to the supplied image and will not vary when printed like they may on different devices/screens.

We can not be held responsible if you accidentally upload the wrong image, so please take the time to insure you upload the correct image.

We check all files and images sent through so if there is obvious issues we will contact you immediately to discuss the image.

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