HD Metal Prints Australia

Metal prints that create impact

Metal Prints Australia was created with one purpose in mind; to provide premium quality metal prints that look better than any other print media available on the market. Our products, created using a state of the art aluminium bonding process, will make your photos and artwork look detailed, vibrant and dynamic.

Bonded aluminium

How the metal printing process works

Our aluminium print products are created using a custom purpose pneumatic heat press. This allows us to take your supplied image files and transfer them right into the aluminium substrate, creating an end result that is scratch, fading and heat resistant, with a level of vibrancy and detail not possible in other print mediums. Combine this with our gloss, matte or premium finishes, and you have an end product that looks incredible.

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After selecting your product, finish & hanging material selection from our store pages, you will be presented with a file upload page. Simply drag and drop your photos or artwork files to submit.


Your artwork is printed on a special, transferable print media. This print is then applied to an aluminium panel and placed into a pneumatic heat press. This process transfers your artwork right into the substrate of the aluminium panel.


Once cooled, your aluminium panel is checked over for quality control. Your chosen hardware is now applied, then your finished product is carefully wrapped and shipped to you.