Which Metal Print Display Option is the Best for You?

Published 17 August 2021

Metal printing is not only versatile due to the range of images, photos and graphics that can be turned into amazing display pieces, but it also lends itself well to a range of different hanging, mounting and display options. Since metal prints have no need for protective glass like traditionally printed display graphics, metal prints can be applied to a wall using 'frameless' mounting hardware, which gives them a stylistic, sleek and modern look. With glass or frames, metal prints are generally lighter than framed prints too, and much more durable and resistant to breaking or damage if dropped.

But which mounting option is best for you? That may depend on several factors, such as the size of your print, the wall space you have available and your own personal preference. Below you will find a basic breakdown of each mounting option that we stock at HD Metal Prints, including some photo examples.

1. Free Standing Easel

This one is pretty simple, but also nice and effective for smaller prints. The easel is fixed to the rear of the metal prints with glue or double-sided tape, creating a great looking, free standing display option. The easels that we supply via our online store are created in house from sturdy, folded aluminium. Easels are a simple cost effective choice for smaller metal prints. We do not recommend that you use the easel display option for prints larger in approximate size than A3.

Easels can turn a metal print into a lightweight, free standing display piece.

2. Tab Shadow Mount

If you have smaller print, no larger than A3 size, that you would like to mount on a wall, tab shadow mounts are an ideal option. The tab shadow mount kit consists of a durable metal tab, which is fixed to the centre of the top edge on the back of the metal print. Small plastic spacers are also fixed to the bottom corners of the print. The tab can then be hung on the wall using standard picture hooks, screws or nails. The combination of the tab and the spacers give the print a few millimeters of clearance, creating a great looking 'shadow' effect. If you order a print with a tab shadow mount kit, we will ship it to you with the kit already fixed to your picture panel, ready to hang.

Tab shadow mounts are perfect for smaller sized, wall mounted prints.

3. Frame Shadow Mount

For larger prints A3 size and up, we recommend a frame shadow mount. These have a similar look to the tab mounts above once mounted, with approximately 20mm of clearance from the wall, creating a nice, clean shadow effect. The frame shadow mount system is comprised of a lightweight aluminium frame, custom sized to fit each individual print. The frame runs inset around the edges on the back side of the print, each corner bevel joined, adding extra rigidity to larger panels. The shadow frame kit is also supplied with a mounting bar and screw system. The bar is fixed into position on your wall (make sure its nice and straight with a spirit level) and then the frame on the back of the print simply slots into it. Not only is hanging a print with a frame shadow mount kit super simple, but as long as you fix your bar to the wall correctly, your print will always sit perfectly straight. Frame shadow mounts are supplied already attached to the prints on our store, ready to hang.

Shadow frame print mounting option and accessories
The frame shadow mount slots into the wall mounted bar. The surface clearance creates a shadow effect on the wall.

4. Frameless

Lastly there is the frameless option. This means that you will simply receive the aluminium print panel with not mounting attachments or accessories. Perhaps you plan to use glue or use double-sided tape to fix the panel directly to a wall or surface, or maybe you have some kind of custom frame that you would like to use with you print. If that is the case we can supply frameless prints. This is not advised for larger print sizes though, especially panoramic sizes. For prints of that size the increased strength that a frame shadow mount provides is always recommended.

A frameless metal print panel.

We recommend that you consider the space you have available, how you would ideally like to display your prints, and use the options above as a guide when making your choice in display options. If you have any questions feel free to contact us for more information.

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