5 Amazing Metal Print Gift Ideas

Published 25 August 2021

When it comes to unique gift ideas for the special people in your life, it can sometimes be tough to find something that will really impress, and create the positive impact that you're ideally looking for when giving a special gift. Fortunately metal printed products work extremely well in this regard. They are unique in that they are highly customisable in almost every aspect, from the printed image, to the size and type of product, and they also have that very rare 'wow' factor. Once the recipient of your gift sees their new high-gloss or special finish printed panel, they are bound to be impressed!

Below are five metal print products, all available for purchase on the HD Metal Prints Australia store, which would make the perfect, personalised gift ideas for your friends, family or that special someone in your life.

1. A Custom Shape Metal Print

It doesn't get more 'custom made' than this. Custom panels are cut to shape using a computer controlled CNC router. What does this mean? Basically you can create just about any metal print panel shape imaginable. Would you like to create a metal love heart shaped wall print featuring a photo of yourself and your better half? Not a problem! How about customised, printed shapes and graphics for a children's bedroom wall? Your only real constraint with CNC routed shapes is maximum panel size, which is 2400 x 1200mm, and your imagination.

You also don't have to just 'think big' when it comes to custom cut metal prints. We can make smaller custom products, such as coaster sets or small easel stand prints. Our graphic design team can work with you on your custom shape and how it will work in concert with the infused graphics. You can make an inquiry regarding a custom panel shapes and sizes here. All our CNC routing is done in house and shipped directly from HD Metal Prints Australia to you.

Valentines Day metal photo print bundleRound metal coasters with floral print
A Valentines Day print with love heart cutout, and some custom made metal printed round coasters.

2. A Free Standing Picture Print

If you're after something a little more simple, a smaller, free standing print may be the way to go. We can make free standing prints with durable aluminium easel stands up to an approximate size of an A3. These smaller prints make great, easy to wrap gifts. Prints with the easel display option are shipped with the easel already fixed to the back of the print. All the receiver needs to do is bend the easel to a slight angle along the grooved line, and the print is ready to display.

Free standing prints make great keepsakes. They are an excellent and inexpensive way to capture a moment or memory, and they will look fantastic once displayed around the home, or as a desk decoration at the office. And since metal prints stand up much better to being dropped or knocked to the floor than traditional free standing glass picture frames, they are fantastic decorations for kid's bedrooms. They are waterproof too!

A free standing metal print with aluminium easel.

3. A Panoramic Print

At the opposite end of the spectrum size wise we have the panoramic print option. These are big, impressive and can create an instant attention grabber on just about any wall that has the space to accomodate them. The panoramic sizes on the HD Metal Prints store start at 300 x 910mm (12 x 36") and go up to a whopping 750 x 2000mm (30 x 78"). Prints of this size are perfect for detailed, high resolution photos and art. Nature and outdoor shots are as close as you can come to actually being there in person! Panoramic sized prints are ideal for creating that impressive showcase display piece.

We recommend using the 'shadow frame mount' option with panoramic prints. The sturdy aluminium frame applied to the back of the panel adds some extra rigidity, and it also makes the print nice and easy to mount on the wall. We can supply panoramic prints designed for either indoor or outdoor use.

Large sized metal poster print leaning of wedding couple leaning against a wall
Portrait and landscape oriented panoramic prints.

4. An Outdoor Metal Print

Are you looking for a gift for someone that spends a lot of time in the back yard? Maybe standing by the barbeque or working on the garden? Then an outdoor metal print might be the perfect option. Metal prints used to be relegated only to indoors, but we now stock metal print panels specially designed to stand up to exterior Aussie conditions. Outdoor metal prints are fade resistant, even in changing outdoor weather, so they will last for years. All you need is an appropriate space on an external wall. An outdoor metal print can give any external space some added colour and vibrancy.

Outdoor metal prints are available for order here.

Outdoor metal prints are designed for use in exterior Aussie conditions.

5. A Gift Card

Have you browsed through the list above and still can't decide on the right metal printed gift? Then perhaps a HD Metal Prints Australia gift card might be the way to go. With a gift card code your recipient can simply log onto the Metal Prints Australia store, choose the print size and type they want, and upload their own photos and artwork.

Gift cards are available for purchase on the store in increments ranging from $100 up to $550.

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